about us

Theatre Information Centre (TIC) is a public organization with the main purpose of presenting Lithuanian theatre abroad, as well as bringing international theatre in Lithuania, encouraging mobility and internationality of theatre artists, strengthening the reputation of Lithuanian theatre all around the world. Another important field of concern for TIC is gathering all theatre-related data and information, presenting it to both Lithuanian and foreign audience. The name of the organization itself implies an intention to become the source of information regarding theatre, artists, performances, history, statistics, management, technical parameters and educational material for interested parties – foreign producers, organizers of guest performances, coproducers, foreign festivals, critics, representatives of creative residencies and so on.

TIC is a rather new organization on Lithuanian cultural stage, founded in 2020 in order to represent Lithuanian theatre abroad and to encourage its internationality, taking a lead from such successful partners as Lithuanian Dance Information Centre (link) and Lithuanian Music Information Centre (link). On an international scale TIC has been closely cooperating and drawing valuable insights from Theatre Info Finland (tinfo.fi).

As an organization TIC is interested in any activities analysing theatre as a phenomenon from various angles: philosophical, historical, economical and social aspects of a theatre; theatre as a geopolitical platform, theatre as a performance, theatre as an industry.

Fields of activities

TIC is seeking to unite theatre community, to establish international relationships and to create mobility opportunities for Lithuanian creators.

To this day main activities of TIC are:

Vilnius international theatre festival SIRENOS

is a festival by PI Vilniaus festivaliai group, that’s being organized since 2004. From 2022 the organization of the festival will be taken over by PI Teatro informacijos centras (TIC). The festival includes an international programme, a Lithuanian theatre showcase, educational activities and SIRENOS club events. Each year this festival presents around 30–50 various events that are attended by approximately 60 foreign experts – producers, theatre managers, critics, journalists, creators (link).

Information gathering

TIC is gathering information about Lithuanian theatre by cooperating with other organizations and projects, whose information and links are added into one general theatre database. Moreover, TIC is preparing projects aimed at gathering, storing and distributing information about theatres in Lithuania. One of the first TIC projects – Theatre is also a building – is a set of unique information about theatre buildings all over Lithuania, accompanied by visual materials (link). A plan for the future is to gather information about all Lithuanian stages, organizations, artists, residencies etc.

Increasing networking and mobility

Apart from organizing the SIRENOS festival TIC is also undertaking networking projects – a 2021 project Scandinavian bridges is currently looking for opportunities to encourage cooperation among theatre organizations in Scandinavia and Lithuania. A new project is planned for 2022 – a collaboration with TPAM (link) – the biggest Japanese performing arts platform, where Lithuanian artists are going to be presented. Apart from presenting Lithuanian artists on international platforms and festivals, there is a plan for curating Lithuanian theatre programmes and staging performances abroad, as well as representing Lithuanian dramaturgy.

An important aspect of mobility is a constant collaboration with Lithuanian Cultural Attachés abroad while preparing residency programmes for Lithuanian creators. First programmes in Italy in France start in 2022.

TIC is located at Arts Printing House.