Opportunity: Open Call – Biennale College Teatro Workshops (Venice, Italy) Deadline – April 20, 2022


The project Biennale College Teatro, an integral part of the artistic project 2022, in keeping with the spirit of the recent editions, is a place of hypothesis and comparison, constantly open to encounter and experimentation, in a process that can involve scholars, spectators and enthusiasts. A real factory of ideas on the possibilities of theatre: languages, codes, techniques, technologies, and sciences of the scene are the guidelines of a systematic verification entrusted to the Masters.

In addition to the chosen Masterclass, participants will also be required to attend – depending on their course and their stay in Venice – to scheduled activities, which will be subsequently detailed to the selected participants, together with the daily schedule of their course.

Thus, participants will fully live the educational experience with their favourite Maestro while widening their own experiential background. The whole festival will be used as a platform for comparison and growth of cultural values.

The deadline for sending applications is April 20, 2022.

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